Ismael Hernandez

Ismael Hernandez is the founder and president of The Freedom & Virtue Institute. Born into a communist household in Puerto Rico, he joined the Puerto Rican Socialist Party. Eventually, he made it to the United States where he began a profound ideological transformation. Embracing the ideas of freedom, he joined the struggle against socialism.

He founded the institute after more than 20 years of inner-city ministry. Through his ministry, Ismael helped people move from being passive recipients of magnanimity toward active participation in self-constructed lives.

Ismael has a master’s degree in political science and lectures for the Acton Institute, a Michigan-based think tank focused on promoting a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles. Ismael also has lectured for the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Foundation for Economic Education.

Ismael is the author of the book “Not Tragically Colored: Freedom, Personhood, and the Renewal of Black America.” He and his wife, Crystal, have three children, Lael, Mateo and Miriam.