David Sariñana

David Sariñana is not your typical pastor or business owner.  He is an author of three books.  He is a pioneer in the art of serving God faithfully while simultaneously becoming and remaining a powerful force in business.  As the pastor of a growing church and owner of five businesses, his work ethic and commitment to God have set a new standard for Christians around the world.

Through the faithful application of Biblical principles, David has achieved great personal, family and business success. His church, Action Faith Ministries, is a growing church with a strong core of effective leaders who are driving positive world change. Meanwhile, his businesses are well-organized, productive and financially sound.

Several of David’s associates have become millionaires through the application of the Biblical principles he teaches. His companies have grown consistently through good and bad economic times, showing the strength of his character and faith, his people, his systems and his philosophy.

David founded Action Faith Ministries in Downey, California, in 1995. Starting with just six people and a vision, Action Faith Ministries continues to grow steadily. Focused on training a core of leaders rather than merely amassing a large congregation, Action Faith Ministries has helped many families achieve financial freedom and a renewed quality of life.

After founding Action Faith Ministries International, also in Downey, California, David became a “pastor for pastors” around the world. His international ministry helps other pastors and leaders to establish the glory of God’s Kingdom in their lives and ministries. Additionally, David has served as co-pastor of Centro Evangelistico Ebenezer in Cudahy, California, as a youth pastor of an outreach program in Norwalk, California, and as a musician, composer and performer of contemporary Christian music.

David has hosted the Spanish radio program “Faith in Action” on KTNQ 1020 in Los Angeles as well as the television program “Life of Excellence.” He’s made a special appearance on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Spanish programming as well as appearing multiple times as a special guest on the “Felicidad” TV program. He hosted his own radio program for two years and has been a special guest host on various others since 1969.

David has been an invited speaker in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas and Colorado in the United States. Internationally, he was an invited keynote speaker in Caracas and Maracaibo, Venezuela, and Santiago, Chile. He’s been an invited guest speaker at leadership and Biblical principles conferences in six Mexican cities as well as in Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Chile, Costa Rica and India.

David owns real-estate sales, real-estate financing, escrow, pest control and insurance businesses in California, where he attended East Los Angeles College and California State University in Los Angeles. He holds multiple management-related real estate certificates and is involved with the Downey Board of Realtors as well as the South Gate, Downey and Bell Gardens Chambers of Commerce.

David also has been active in fundraising for Easter Seals since 1986.

Married for over 37 years, he and his wife, Blanca, have four children.