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When I first entered public service at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), I wanted to improve how it served veterans— veterans like my mother and father, who each served in the U.S. Air Force, where they first met and had me. How the VA provided home mortgages to veterans, one of which bought the… Read More

As we get ready to wind down the nation’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, a proposed bill unveiled in late September presents eligible undocumented children and young adults, who were brought to the United States as children, with a new path toward legalization. Here are ten things you should know about The SUCCEED Act: SUCCEED stands for:… Read More

Jose Antonio Tijerino, influencer and champion of Hispanic and Latino youth in America, is also the man responsible for stewarding the Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards – “established in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan to commemorate the creation of Hispanic Heritage Month in America.” Serving as president and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) for… Read More

This week, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a bipartisan bill creating a tax credit scholarship program. The bill also establishes a charter funding equity. The legislation is poised to empower more Hispanic and Latino parents and children in Illinois with greater school choice and quality education. In the U.S., education remains a top… Read More

The escalating racial tensions and hate-filled rhetoric that have tragically led to the death of innocent citizens in our own country these past weeks, and over the course of this past year, should give all Americans pause. For those who truly aspire to become agents of positive change and help heal our nation, these tragic… Read More

Do you know what are the top five most available, great paying jobs in the U.S.? I used to run career development programs used by millions of people across America. In that job, I was able to analyze millions of data points — including chief issues people encounter in their job searches, and what solutions… Read More

For Anna Flores, financial education and personal responsibility go hand in hand, and she’s on a mission to impart this to America’s youth. One of three children raised by Puerto Rican grandparents who immigrated to New York state in the 1940s, Anna had to grow up quickly. She is grateful that her grandparents, especially her… Read More

From the notebook of Jes Greene, Think Freely Media’s Everyday Heroes blogger, and a Think Freely Latino contributor: “Melanie is a go-getter. No matter what’s going on in her life – school, work, family – she keeps giving to others as her priority. It’s admirable in someone so young and talented,” said Jes Greene following… Read More