Seeing Beauty Everywhere by Jay Shetty

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. Our mind generally operates on autopilot and therefore we follow our daily routines missing the opportunity to catch moments of gratitude, happiness, glimpses of opportunity, fortune, and wonder.

Becoming more mindful, attentive and aware means we gain new experiences from the things we see every day. We can gain new insights, new inspirations and see the value of things we usually take lightly.

Seeing life, value, beauty, wonder in everyday things makes our everyday lives meaningful and full of purpose. Observing beauty in simple things teaches us to see beauty everywhere. Seeing beauty enables us to be positive, find the good in others and keep positive thoughts in our mind.

Jay Shetty explores the question “do we miss beauty when it is not presenting in a certain way?” Jay Shetty is a Huffington Post featured Motivational Vlogger, strategist, and former monk.

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Filming Rajesh Hirani
Music Dexter Britain “Seeing The Future”
Presentation, Content & Editing: Jay Shetty

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