Our Heroes

Our Heroes (Nuestros Héroes) features inspiring stories about redemption, triumph over adversity, and Latinos’ unique entrepreneurial spirit.  We hope to start meaningful, culturally relevant, and aspirational conversations about how we can thrive, succeed, and make positive impacts in our communities.

Latina Truly CAREs About Improving Young Americans’ Financial Literacy

For Anna Flores, financial education and personal responsibility go hand in hand, and she’s on a mission to impart this to America’s youth. One of three children raised by Puerto Rican grandparents who immigrated to New York state in the 1940s, Anna had to grow up quickly. She is grateful that her grandparents, especially her… Read More

Latina’s Quest for Better Education for Poor Arizona Kids Boosts Charter School Enrollment

Eve Nunez, one of 18 kids raised by her caballero parents, never had access to good schools growing up. Raised on a farm, she had different priorities, like picking cherries, grapes and plums in the fields with her 17 brothers and sisters. “It took forever!” she recalled. She’s vowed to change this lack of access… Read More

Venezuela’s Government Has Failed Them, and Americans Are Stepping Up to Help

In the U.S., we recently celebrated Memorial Day, honoring those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting bravely for our freedom. But who is taking notice of the freedom fighters in Venezuela, at least 56 of whom have given their lives in recent months? Their fight is not merely political. Venezuelans are fighting for… Read More

This Everyday Hero Gives Back to the Latino Community

From the notebook of Jes Greene, Think Freely Media’s Everyday Heroes blogger, and a Think Freely Latino contributor: “Melanie is a go-getter. No matter what’s going on in her life – school, work, family – she keeps giving to others as her priority. It’s admirable in someone so young and talented,” said Jes Greene following… Read More

How Much Do You Really Know About Toys for Tots?

Chances are high that you’ve heard of the amazing charity, Toys for Tots. Celebrities have endorsed it, professional athletes have rallied behind it and first ladies have championed it. But how much do you really know about this charity? For instance, did you know Toys for Tots was founded by and continues to be run… Read More

ITNAmerica Wants Every Senior to Have a Safe Ride

Aging Hispanics and Latinos, like many American seniors can feel sadness and a real loss of independence when they are no longer able to drive themselves – be it a doctor’s appointment, the grocery store, or church. Sadness and concern is often shared by their adult children. Personally, it has been devastating to witness my… Read More

Girl Forward Helps Refugee Girls Resettle in the U.S.

Blair Brettschneider was in AmeriCorps when she started working with a Burundi refugee family. Wanting to help as much as she could, Brettschneider tutored the eldest daughter in the family, 18-year-old Domi. Little did she realize how Domi would change her life. Shortly after she started working with the teen, Brettschneider saw all of the… Read More

The David Ibarra Story – A journey from “at-risk-youth” to entrepreneur and inspirational business coach

Well-known leadership consultant and entrepreneur David Ibarra is the founder of four companies: eLeaderTech, the Ibarra-Brito Group and David Ibarra Enterprises in the United States and eLeaderTech Limitada of Costa Rica. He also received a U.S. patent for his performance management software “Executing the Standards®.” He possesses all the qualities of a great leader. He… Read More

Evelyn Sanguinetti -The first female Hispanic lieutenant governor in the United States

Evelyn Sanguinetti is an attorney, a mother, a concert pianist and a public servant who, in 2014, became the first Hispanic elected to the office of lieutenant governor in Illinois as well as the first female Hispanic lieutenant governor in the United States. She earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Florida International University and… Read More

Peace Corps Announces 2016 Top Volunteer-Producing Hispanic-Serving Institutions  

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 13, 2016 – The Peace Corps today announced its 2016 rankings of the top volunteer-producing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) nationwide, with two California schools tied for the top spot. The University of California, Santa Cruz and San Diego State University secured the top spot with 32 undergraduate alumni from each school currently serving as… Read More