Luis J.Rodriguez walked away from the gang life to become an inspiration to others

Luis J. Rodriguez is an ex-gang member who transformed his life by inspiring hundreds of teens to walk away from the destructive path of violence, crime, and despair that unfolds as a consequence of joining a gang.

As you’ll learn in this video, “It all started with a letter in the form of a confession that Rodriguez wrote to his teenage son, Rodrigo, nearly 20 years ago. The letter turned into an international bestseller called Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.

The book describes in great detail the struggles that Rodriguez faced as a young boy. It explains how his life turned from murders and turf wars into a journey of self-discovery, overcoming many challenges that eventually led him to a path of fulfillment.

There are life lessons for all of us in Rodriguez’s story as it reminds us that, although we may not have control over the external circumstances that surround us, we do control how we respond to them and over the choices we make in order to improve our lives.

Rodriguez walked away from the gang life to become an inspiration to others and helped many people turn their lives around.

To learn more about Luis J. Rodriguez, including the work he has done since this video was originally recorded, visit his website:

Video from KTLA5 CW, The Spotlight

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