Looking Forward

After careful consideration, the board and leadership of Think Freely Media (TFM) made the decision to conclude TFM’s Hispanic and Latino outreach project, including Think Freely Latino, at the end of 2017.  We did not come to this decision lightly and still believe the goals and work of this project as a whole, and Think Freely Latino specifically, are important and valuable as we continue to highlight the benefits of living in a free and prosperous society.

Despite limited resources, we were able to grow the project, but came to the conclusion that the path to long-term sustainability was not available.  We are grateful to the work of project director Sandra Pedroarias, whose devotion and dedication to this project were second to none.  We are also thankful to the numerous contributors, ambassadors, and our Advisory Board, who were willing to spend their time and talents on this project.

This website (Think Freely Latino) will serve as an archive of the important work we did.  Think Freely Media continues the work of championing human freedom and achievement to help all people live fulfilling, empowered lives and we encourage you to learn more about our work at www.thinkfreelymedia.org.

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