How Latino-Americans have shaped the United States

Ray Suarez, a Puerto Rican raised in Brooklyn and the author of the book Latino-Americans. The 500 Years Legacy that Shaped a Nation, tells a story that fully explores the depths of the Latino heritage. He talks about the struggles that Latinos have encountered over the years and highlights the positive attitude and hard-working nature that is very much part of the Latino culture.

Latinos’ presence has significantly contributed to the social and economic development of the United States. “It’s a remarkable story. Instead of becoming alienated and angry and removed, and creating a separate society inside the country, they kept fighting for acceptance,” said Suarez.

The fight that Suarez describes in his book is about pursuing the various opportunities offered in this country for people to succeed and achieve the American dream. The choices Latinos make every day have a significant impact on the future of  their families, which motivates us them to work hard and remain an influential group in the United States.

What are some of the struggles that you have overcome to achieve your goals?

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