As we get ready to wind down the nation’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, a proposed bill unveiled in late September presents eligible undocumented children and young adults, who were brought to the United States as children, with a new path toward legalization. Here are ten things you should know about The SUCCEED Act: SUCCEED stands for:… Read More

For many Hispanic and Latino college students, building a strong foundation for career advancement in a globally competitive economy starts with an important first-step — completing an internship in our nation’s capital. If you are a college student living outside the Washington, D.C., metro area who is feeling financially strapped, the idea of leaving school… Read More

Latina small business owner Melissa Rohan, President of Waterfront Academy Montessori in Southwest Washington, D.C., recalls many of the challenges her mother faced while learning English as a second language, and how set backs have driven her and her family to work harder and help others learn. “My mother is an immigrant from Cuba. To… Read More

In a multifaceted, multicultural environment, it is important to raise bilingual children to give them an advantage when they grow older. Some families resort to language lessons while others speak their native language at home.  Being able to engage children in a bilingual, bicultural household is not always the easiest task, but there are ways… Read More

The public and the media use both of these terms interchangeably, but is there a real difference between Hispanics and Latinos, or is it just a matter of preference? The answer is: there is an actual difference. Hispanic is a term used to describe Spanish-speaking origin or ancestry. In other words, whether you or your… Read More