Think Freely Latino recently sat down with Raul Cisneros – entrepreneur, volunteer, and children’s book author. If you meet Raul in person, the first thing you will notice about him is his warm smile and genuine enthusiasm for life and serving others. Sure, he’s always had a career and full-time job, but his heart is… Read More

Jose Antonio Tijerino, influencer and champion of Hispanic and Latino youth in America, is also the man responsible for stewarding the Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards – “established in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan to commemorate the creation of Hispanic Heritage Month in America.” Serving as president and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) for… Read More

In this installment, TFL Profiles talks “keeping it real” with “The Connector,” Mary Ann Gómez Orta, president & CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI). Mary Ann Gómez Orta is a connector in the truest sense of the word. She is not only a “Latina connector.” She is a connector — period. Anyone who gains the… Read More

In this installment, TFL Profiles talks “Latina mentoring” and “overcoming fear of failure” with Ana Larrea-Albert, president of NENANI. TFL:     Where are you originally from, and what do you love most about your country of origin?  Ana:     I grew up in Quito, Ecuador, on the base of the active volcano Pichincha, surrounded by… Read More