For many Latinos, finding a new, lucrative career – especially in places where no one you know works, like the cloud industry – is daunting. But with the right at-home training, you, and anyone you know, can do it. The “cloud” industry is exploding, and few Latinos are aware that they can actually train themselves… Read More

Do you know what are the top five most available, great paying jobs in the U.S.? I used to run career development programs used by millions of people across America. In that job, I was able to analyze millions of data points — including chief issues people encounter in their job searches, and what solutions… Read More

What if I told you that residents of downtrodden neighborhoods across the U.S., and increasingly in Latin America, are living in fear of reclaimed abandoned buildings, declining crime rates, repaired roads and sidewalks, and new businesses bringing jobs? When I phrase it this way you would probably say I was crazy. But this is exactly… Read More

What does it take to go from being homeless to one of the top management positions at a Springfield Wal-Mart store in less than five years? Daronn Commer knows.“I always had the drive inside. I always knew I was going to make it,” the 22-year-old Commer said. “… Sometimes I can’t believe that I made… Read More

When starting a business, there may be quite a distance between a great idea and a great startup. From the process of developing a business plan to applying for the correct licenses to operate according to each state, plenty of learning is involved. Every step requires determination and motivation to achieve long-term gains. Occasionally, however,… Read More

What if we could help people who have been released from prison actually stay out of prison? That’s exactly what Drive Change is working hard to accomplish. Jordyn Lexton, Drive Change’s founder, used to teach high school English to incarcerated 16-, 17-, and 18-year-olds — all of whom were convicted as adults — at Rikers Island… Read More

“The Hispanic community has a certain passion that transcends its component cultures and draws in others. The vibrancy of Hispanic cultures’ style, music and food has influenced the look and feel of America. This passion is also evident in the way many Hispanics do business and the opportunities that they create. Since 2007, Hispanics have… Read More

Tipping has been standard practice in the United States for over a century. But why don’t we just pay it all in one bill? Let’s start at the beginning. Tipping was started in the 17th century by British aristocrats as what journalist Paul Watcher describes as “a sprinkle of change for social inferiors.” It was… Read More

Spurred on by plummeting transportation and logistics costs, we are entering a third wave of globalization that will increase trade, change the way companies work, and improve the quality of life for millions of people across the world.  Incited by an explosion of intra-Asian trade that will increase the region’s share of global exports to… Read More

CLEVELAND (AP) –  Ohio transportation officials are asking the federal government to adjust rules used to award highway design and construction contracts in hopes that it will give more work to minority-owned companies. The state Department of Transportation’s request follows a study done by the department that found that while the state successfully awarded work… Read More