Hispanic Americans come from diverse social, economic, and geographic backgrounds, bringing richness and diversity to our culture. Watch this video to learn more about famous Hispanic Americans and how they have made a difference in the United States.   Video:StudiesWeekly.com Photo:catwalker/Shutterstock.com  

Cinco de Mayo is known as a celebration that brings Mexican people together in the United States, and it is often mistaken with Mexican independence day. But what really happened on Cinco de Mayo? Watch this video and learn how it all came about and why it became a time for celebration in the United States…. Read More

HOUSTON, TX — Tony Díaz recalled the kinds of comments he would get when almost two decades ago he proposed creating an organization in Houston, Texas to showcase and promote the work of Latino writers. “What? Latino literature? Latinos in the United States are not into that. There’s not enough interest. There just aren’t enough… Read More

876,946,351,798,345,601,801 Did you read that whole number, or did you skip over it? While most people would skip or skim it, 5-year-old Luis Esquivel, Jr. digests it and can read it aloud by place value. While most of us need a calculator just to figure out how to tip at a restaurant, Luis Jr. calculates… Read More

Caption: Denise Soler Cox, one of the co-creators of Project Enye (ñ ), a multimedia documentary project focused on telling the stories of first-generation American-born Latinos who have at least one parent from a Spanish-speaking country. Credit: Courtesy of Project Enye (ñ).  Denise Soler Cox was 4 years old when she and her family traded… Read More