It was 2009 and Osiris Hoil was out of work. As it did to so many Americans, the economic recession had hit him hard. Eager to find whatever work he could, Osiris was asked by his neighbor what he would do if he could do anything at all? Without hesitation, Osiris said that he would… Read More

Recientemente, muchos a través del país celebraron La Semana de Las Escuelas Chárter (conocida en inglés como National Charter School Week). Numerosos eventos marcaron la ocasión y la Casa Blanca incluso emitió una proclamación para ayudar a concientizar al público. Sin embargo, ¿qué es una escuela chárter? Para empezar, las escuelas chárter son escuelas públicas…. Read More

Recently, many in our country celebrated National Charter School Week. Numerous events marked the occasion and the White House even issued a proclamation to help raise awareness. But what exactly is a charter school? For starters, charter schools are public schools. This is worth noting because many confuse charter schools with private schools. They are… Read More

What if I told you that residents of downtrodden neighborhoods across the U.S., and increasingly in Latin America, are living in fear of reclaimed abandoned buildings, declining crime rates, repaired roads and sidewalks, and new businesses bringing jobs? When I phrase it this way you would probably say I was crazy. But this is exactly… Read More

For many Hispanic and Latino college students, building a strong foundation for career advancement in a globally competitive economy starts with an important first-step — completing an internship in our nation’s capital. If you are a college student living outside the Washington, D.C., metro area who is feeling financially strapped, the idea of leaving school… Read More

The tenets of the American dream can be found in the Declaration of Independence, which states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” In a society where… Read More

Dr. Laura Gutierrez Spencer has helped many students achieve their dreams by guiding them and inspiring them in their academic endeavors through the University of New Mexico Chicano Programs. Cesar Montelongo, an undocumented student who was admitted to Medical school, is one of them. Cesar was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. His family immigrated to the… Read More

What does it take to go from being homeless to one of the top management positions at a Springfield Wal-Mart store in less than five years? Daronn Commer knows.“I always had the drive inside. I always knew I was going to make it,” the 22-year-old Commer said. “… Sometimes I can’t believe that I made… Read More

The ASPIRA Association, the nation’s largest national Latino organization and the only one dedicated exclusively to education, today announced the release of its Youth Development Program Mobile App, developed with the generous support of the Verizon Foundation. The App, available in the Apple App Store) and Google Play, allows youth across the country to access… Read More

When starting a business, there may be quite a distance between a great idea and a great startup. From the process of developing a business plan to applying for the correct licenses to operate according to each state, plenty of learning is involved. Every step requires determination and motivation to achieve long-term gains. Occasionally, however,… Read More