About Think Freely Latino


Who We Are

Think Freely Latino (TFL) is dedicated to better understanding, informing and inspiring American Hispanics and Latinos so that more feel empowered to live free, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

What We Do

We engage Hispanics and Latinos in culturally meaningful, relevant and aspirational conversations about how best to empower individuals to thrive, succeed and give back to their communities, as well as to the broader society.

How We Do It

 TFL is a project of Think Freely Media (TFM) — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that champions human freedom and achievement to help all people live fulfilling, empowered lives.

We work closely with thought leaders and influencers — including TFL’s advisory board, its contributors and project ambassadors — to help identify and cultivate useful resources from across the web. We feature compelling stories about redemption, triumph over adversity, and our community’s unique entrepreneurial spirit.

We focus on implementing best-in-class outreach practices, conducting surveys and developing signature programs to better understand and address the issues of greatest concern to this important American community, while helping raise greater awareness about the benefits of living in a free and more prosperous society.


TFL is assisted by an Advisory Board that offers expertise in a variety of fields and brings first hand knowledge of reaching and working with the Hispanic and Latino communities.  Learn more about the TFL Advisory Board.


We have a growing number of contributors from across the country writing for Think Freely Latino on a regular basis. Meet our contributors and learn how you can become a TFL contributor.


TFL Ambassadors serve as liaisons in the communities where they live and work. They engage directly with local Hispanic and Latino businesses, volunteers, and community-based organizations to help TFL gain greater insight about issues of most pressing concern.  Learn more about our Ambassadors.