8 million New Jobs Will Be Created By “the Cloud:” Train at Home and Get One Worth Six Figures

For many Latinos, finding a new, lucrative career – especially in places where no one you know works, like the cloud industry – is daunting.

But with the right at-home training, you, and anyone you know, can do it.

The “cloud” industry is exploding, and few Latinos are aware that they can actually train themselves at home – for as little as $10 – to get an IT job in cloud administration that often pays over $100,000 annually.

Now, free and low-cost online training from Amazon and A Cloud Guru make it so that anyone can train at home for such a career in this exploding industry. The Economic Strategy Institute forecasts that the U.S. economy will gain nearly 8 million new jobs from 2015-2025, driven largely by cloud services spending.

Posters on Reddit, an online forum, are sharing how they have used online training to get lucrative jobs in cloud management.

The job is in such high demand that the largest and most successful cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has provided free and low-cost training to anyone who wants to get a cloud career, through AWS Educate. If you’re a current college student, you can sign up for AWS Educate for free.

And if you’re not, you still have options.

“Came here to say this,” wrote one anonymous Reddit user in August 2017, “I did the [AWS Educate] Certs after taking A Cloud Guru and now I work at AWS,” which is Amazon’s most lucrative division, Amazon Web Services. “It really upped my cloud competency.”

Whether or not you are a college student, you can take independent online training from the highly regarded “A Cloud Guru” for as little as $10 (if you find the right sale). Full price beginners’ courses from A Cloud Guru range from $15-$99 without a sale. A Cloud Guru also has a number of free videos on their YouTube channel to start interested users

Find more advice from real world professionals and success stories, on this Reddit thread: “Opinions about AWS Educate? How to get the most out of it?”

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